Socio-brilliant lingerie.

Here are three poems based on Before After II. All words come directly from the Youtube generated closed captions, I've only added punctuation.

Sabathia, Enrico, EverythingCollapse )

The End Of The World And Cattle BeginningCollapse )

The Laundromat Tissue ArgumentCollapse )

Pimp pimp pimp

Tell them lil_insanity sent you!

PS- Engineering is the best, you get to hang out with me. :)

Haha, spam e-mails.

Mark Francis <>
date Thu, Aug 19, 2010 at 4:04 PM
subject One day I saw a guy like i have seen

Come to see the game of your life,MY TEDDY BEAR**COOKING**SHalL i be your house keeper?

If you're too drunk to find the phone book...

I'm not shitting you- you can now order Papa John's by text message.

I've always wanted a flower with a beard.

In honor of this really annoying writer's strike, one of my favorite Daily Show clips:

Ottoman Humping Gigolos!

Also... Beard No Beard